Shipping policy

【about shipping cost】

Nekoposu:Nationwide shipping fee: 275 yen (tax included)
Nekopos can only be used for items that are listed as 【ネコポス対応】 on the product detail page.

TA-Q-BIN:For purchases of less than 3,300 yen (tax included), shipping fee is 530 yen (tax included) nationwide.
(Additional charges may apply for delivery to some areas such as remote islands and mountainous areas.)

* Free nationwide shipping for purchases of 3,300 yen (tax included) or more
*Shipping address is only within Japan.

【About shipping products】

After the order is received and the payment is completed (credit card, other payment), shipping will be arranged within 2 business days.
*Shipping may take time due to product shortages, etc.
*Shipping may be put on hold if there are any issues with your registration information or order details.
*Regarding Yamato Transport, which is shipped from our store, delivery to Okinawa Prefecture and some remote islands will be handled by land and sea transportation, and it will take several days to arrive.

【delivery company】

Yamato Transport

【About shipping method】

Nekopos can only be used for items that are listed as 【ネコポス対応】 on the product detail page.
Nekopos has a lower shipping fee than home delivery, but there are more restrictions than home delivery. Please check the following items before considering.

・If you choose Nekopos, we cannot guarantee damage or theft during or after delivery. In the unlikely event that there is a mailing completion history of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., we will not be responsible for it.
・Since Nekopos is basically delivered by post-mailing, we are unable to specify the delivery date and time.
・Depending on the number of purchases, you may not be able to use Nekopos. If it does not fit in the standard size cardboard of Nekopos, we will change it to a courier service and send it to you. (There is no change in the shipping fee even when the shipping method is changed.)
*All products that are not listed as Nekopos will be delivered by courier.

If you would like to specify a specific time, please contact us using the inquiry form on the day of your order. If the preparation for shipment has progressed, we may not be able to accept it.

Available time: Morning, 14:00-16:00, 16:00-18:00, 18:00-20:00, 19:00-21:00

【delivery area】

Only in Japan, we are not accepting deliveries outside of Japan at this time.
*Delivery will only be made within Japan, even if there is an error in delivery, defective products, missing products, etc.

●For overseas customers
If you wish to ship overseas, you can use ZigZag's "Worldshopping Purchasing Service", which has a partnership with us.
For detailed inquiries (returns, cancellations, etc.), please contact us from the following URL. (英語) (簡体字) (繁体字)

【In case of absence】

If you are not present at the time of delivery, an absence notice will be posted to your mailbox or door.
If you have an absentee slip, please follow the instructions and follow the procedures for redelivery as soon as possible.

【Regarding long-term absence, refusal to receive, etc.】

It is very disappointing, but if the product is returned to our shop for the following reasons, we will judge that you do not intend to purchase it.

・If you cancel or refuse to receive the item after it has been shipped.
・If the parcel is returned to our store without contacting the courier for re-delivery within the storage period due to long-term absence.
・If you have registered an incorrect delivery address when placing your order, and the item is returned to us due to an unknown address, etc., without being able to contact you.
・If you do not receive an email from us due to spam settings or an error in your email address registration, and you think that your order has not been received.
・In addition, if the customer fails to receive the product after shipment due to personal reasons without justifiable reason.

If the product is returned, we may refuse to use it at our store in the future. Please note that we cannot accept reshipment of returned items.In addition, we will charge [delivery fee from our company + return shipping fee + handling fee]. Thank you for your understanding.

*Unconditional cooling-off does not apply to mail-order sales if there is a return special agreement. Please be sure to receive the ordered products.

【Damage during shipping】

When packing, we take great care to ensure that there are no scratches or dents on the outer box before shipping. There is a possibility.
When using the product, we kindly ask that you forgive any scratches or dents on the outer box that do not interfere with the use of the product.

If there is a defective product or wrong delivery due to our mishandling, please check the "Refund Policy" and contact us from the inquiry form. I will try to accommodate.