[Updated 4/28] Instagram follow campaign held!!

Thank you to everyone who always follows, likes, and comments ♡
Luna Earth Official Instagram ( @lunaearth_official ) &
Follow the account of your favorite Luna Earth store and get a mask bag!

If you show the follow screen at the time of payment, we will give you a mask on the spot ✧

Enjoy the variety of masks!

Follow the account of the store you usually go to and check the latest information ✔︎
We will introduce accessories with coordination

[Campaign period]
Due to popular demand, the period has been extended! Currently in progress

★Luna Earth Official Instagram ( @lunaearth_official )
Please try to find a store near you from the account you are following.

※The image is an image. We will present a bag of 3 masks of the same color. You cannot choose the color. note that.
*Please present the follow-up screen when paying.
*It will be a one-time gift per person during the event period.
* New followers and existing followers are also eligible.
*This campaign has nothing to do with Meta's instagram.
*This campaign is subject to change or cancellation without notice.
*Some stores do not have accounts. note that.
(If the store does not have an account, follow the accounts of other stores you like to receive gifts.)