The Kanagawa Shimbun introduced our SDGs activities for collecting unnecessary accessories.

Kanagawa Shimbun's website "Imakana" introduced the SDGs activity of setting up a disused accessory collection box at LUNA EARTH Musashikosugi Tokyu Square store .

(Transit to Kanagawa Shimbun information site "Imakana")

Prior to the web publication, it was also published in the February 17th issue of the Kanagawa Shimbun.
[About collection of unnecessary accessories]
As part of its efforts to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), Endless Co., Ltd. will start donation activities by collecting unnecessary accessories at some stores from the end of October 2021 until the end of January 2022. We have expanded to PARTS CLUB stores nationwide. Using the collected accessories, we collaborate with business partners to deliver vaccines to children in developing countries.

At ENDLESS, we not only manufacture and sell accessories, but we also keep the accessories that you have used with great care at our stores. We will build a life-long connection by donating to people.
We will collect not only our own products but also various accessories.

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Expanding donation activities by collecting unnecessary accessories from late January 2022 at PARTS CLUBs nationwide