As part of our efforts to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), we are expanding the collection of unused accessories nationwide.

As part of its efforts to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), Endless Co., Ltd. has been conducting donation activities by collecting unnecessary accessories at some stores since late October 2021. From mid-June, we will expand the nationwide accessory shop “LUNA EARTH” to 40 stores. Collaborate with business partners based on the collected accessories,
We deliver vaccines to children in developing countries.

The SDGs (sustainable development goal).
Our mission at Endless Co., Ltd. is to continue to create things and things that are needed by people in the world and to become an indispensable presence for all stakeholders.
For that reason, we continue to take on challenges that are possible because we are endless.
Through our corporate activities, we aim for harmony with society and sustainable development, and work to solve social issues.
We will continue to collaborate with various stakeholders and aim to realize a sustainable society.

・Regarding the collection of disused accessories

At ENDLESS, we not only manufacture and sell accessories, but also store the accessories that you have used with great care. We will build a life-long connection by donating to those who are in need.
We will collect not only our own products but also various accessories.

[Items that can be collected]
■ Accessories (pierced earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.)
■ Hair accessories (headbands, hair ties, barrette, hair clips, etc.)

・Mechanism for donating unwanted accessories

Endless participates in the "Reborn Project" (operated by GoodService Co., Ltd.), which exports disused items to developing countries, sells them overseas, and donates part of the sales.
Through the Reborn Project, accessories collected at stores are donated to the certified NPO Japan Committee Vaccines for the World's Children (JCV), delivering vaccines to children in Myanmar, Laos, Bhutan, and Vanuatu. .