2way! Charm of magnet earrings

Many magnetic pierced earrings that can be worn like earrings just by attaching a magnet have arrived at the online shop, even if the pierced holes are not open!

A must-see for non-holes!

The elegant antique-style design and the small flower motif are very cute.

Easy to use everyday, perfect for feminine outfits such as dresses

The magnetic catch has silicone to prevent it from slipping.
Featured item that does not get in the way of the mask because it is small

and! 2-way specification that can be used as a mask accessory because it is a magnet It is time to make the mask you wear every day fashionable

Match accessories with a cute mask and feel UP ☆
Even a plain mask can be transformed into an eye-catching mask with just one point

It will be fun to choose a mask according to fashion.

If you attach it to the collar of a blouse, it will give the impression of having a stylish button.

The package is cute, so
It is also recommended as a plus one for a small gift.

What did you think

Magnet earrings will continue to appear one after another!