Also for masks ♡ Flower spring items

Accessories perfect for spring, such as large lace flower magnet earrings and light colored acrylic flower items, have arrived at the online shop!

Lace flower magnet earrings with a pearl shining in the center are an elegant and cute item!

Even if you don't have pierced holes, you can wear it easily.
Even if you wear a mask that is essential every day, if you put it on as a decoration, it will give you a different impression.

The large flower motif gives a more girly impression.
Excellent compatibility with frilled masks ♪

The transparent acrylic flower magnet earrings are elegant and simple, so they are recommended for short outings and dates.

Next, the pastel colors are cute, and the gorgeous masklet chain can be removed, so you can use it as a hair cuff alone!

The mask rubber prevents your ears from hurting, and it has a 2-way design that can be fashionable.
Hair cuffs make it easy to arrange your hair up a notch.

I play an active part in the occasion scene♪

A large scrunchie is recommended for such flower accessories.
A trendy item that can be layered or mixed with cord ribbons☆

Did you have a favorite item?

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