Classical cuteness -Antique style series-

An antique impression and adorable button design ear accessories have arrived at the online shop.

The muted colors are elegant and easy to use for everyday use!

Delicate watermarks and patterns add a sense of luxury to a simple design.

It's fashionable just by placing it on a frame, etc., and it's an accessory like an interior.

Try to match black earrings with chic coordination.

Asymmetrical earrings give a casually different impression on the left and right♡

The design with a pearl that goes well with other accessories and is easy to wear enhances your femininity.

What you want to check out together with such adult cute accessories is the new item of the popular magnet earrings!

A modern and sparkling lip and perfume bottle motif!
2way that can also be used as a mask accessory.

This time we introduced ear accessories*

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