Arrange freely! Hair elastic set☆

A variety of hair elastic sets have appeared in the convenient hair elastic set online shop, from short hair to hair arrangements and color coordination!

Even if you wear colorful and cute hair rubber alone, of course it's OK!

This item comes in a set of the same color, so it is great for layering when arranging your hair.

Arrange onion hair by combining hair rubber with ponytail!
It's easy and voluminous, so it's an arrangement that is easy to incorporate even by yourself.

If you close the gap and bundle it with a rubber band, it will give you the impression of a wire pony.
If you make it a twin tail, it will be more girly ♡

Rinpa gathers her hair little by little from above.

If you gather your hair while adding it downwards, you can create a three-dimensional arrangement that is recommended for going out.

Spring rubber that can be easily worn is also great for bundling your hair at home♪
It is also recommended that it does not leave marks on your hair.

Loosely bundled for a more mature look

Please enjoy various hair ties with your favorite arrangement!