Also for masks ◎ Glasses strap & magnet earrings

Introducing chains and magnet earrings that are available at our online shop!
It is a multi-way item that can be used as mask accessories, necklaces, and bracelets.

-Glasses Strap-

The eyeglass clip part of the crab claw part is removable, so you can use it according to your favorite scene.
The leather-like strap is perfect for casual outfits.

If you want to wear it casually, we recommend the thin chain type.

One point fashionable according to the mask ♪
When you remove the mask, it becomes a holder, so it is useful when eating.

If you want to add a little pop impression, it's a bead type!
The natural stone and colorful beads go well together for a cute design.

This is a simple and calm color for everyday use!

-Magnet Earrings-

Next is the introduction of magnet earrings.

Feminine design with flowers and bijou.
If you put this on the mask, you can use it as a usual mask decoration ♡

The catch part has a silicone cover, so it's a nice specification that makes it hard to slip and hurt!

Delicately designed magnetic pierced earrings are also delivered at affordable prices!
You can use it like a brooch because it can be attached to the collar of a blouse, as well as those who do not have piercing holes.

The magnet is firmly attached, so it can be attached to the cartilage part.
The position that is easy to attach differs depending on the person, so please try to attach it to the part that suits you.

Please check it!