NEW! Small and cute set item

This time, we would like to introduce a set item that is small and recommended for accent colors!

Don't miss the new products that you want to use together ◎

First of all, from the hair clip ◎

A simple hair clip set can be used for arranging hair, or when you want to clip your hair at home or in the office.

Next is a hair rubber set with a small motif!

This is also a great item for ¥330. The pop color is one point.

Hair clips with butterfly and flower motifs look great on social media♡

Add a little bit to your favorite parts such as bangs and braids for a cute look*

Items with butterfly motifs are available not only for hair but also for earrings!

An elegant item with glittering butterflies and beads.

What did you think.

A nice set item that can be reused is also ¥ 330.

Please enjoy fashion with your favorite coordination!