trend! New in cover cuffs and ear wrap earrings

This time, we would like to introduce our new cover cuffs, ear cuffs, and ear wrap earrings!

Cover cuffs, as the name suggests, are hoop-shaped cuffs that cover the ears.

If you use it in conjunction with pierced earrings and earrings, it will be a gorgeous ear ♡

It's easy to wear, and pearls and bijou are easy to match with other accessories!

Introducing ear cuffs.

Introducing a large design for the long-selling ear cuff.

A metal hoop-shaped ear cuff that has been transformed into a unique focal point.

Ear cuffs with a three-dimensional pearl line are also recommended for fashionable wear.

Items with chains have arrived for ear wrap earrings! !

3 steps to wear

① Remove the piercing catch and attach the tip to the piercing hole

② Hang the hook part on the top of the ear

③ Catch

The ones with chains hang from the front of the ears to the back, making them very elegant!

Hurry up for your favorite products!