Convenient and fashionable fashion goods

Fashion miscellaneous goods are now available on LUNA EARTH ONLINE!

Starting with the wristwatch that was released last week, there are bags and mirrors that are easy to use everyday.

This time we will introduce fashion goods.


A classic and simple watch.

The easy-to-read dial and stylish belt can be used regardless of the scene!

The watch has a genderless design, so how about matching with friends or couples?

● Wristwatch / Jerry / Beige (¥ 1100)

● Wrist watch / cafe petit / navy (¥ 1100)

●Watch / Cafe / Brown (¥ 1100)


● Double-sided compact mirror / flower (¥ 330)

A compact folding mirror that fits in the palm of your hand.

The point is that it is a double-sided mirror! ¥330 for variations of cute forms and patterns.

It is recommended not only for everyday carrying, but also as a gift plus one.

● Double-sided compact mirror / initial (¥ 330)


Next, adult cute tote bags and shoulder bags ♪

A nice size that can hold a lot of knit tote bags. Autumn/winter materials x casual colors

He/she makes an outstanding performance in a coming season.

● Knit handbag (¥ 1650)

The quilted circle bag comes with a matching pouch.

A stylish design with a quilted pattern in a cute round form.

Available in 3 colors: chic black, easy-to-match beige, and elegant khaki! There is also a zipper pocket inside.

●Quilting circle bag / with mini pouch (¥3080)

A fake leather shoulder bag with just the right bottom width and size.

The drawstring-like shape and soft textured leather are the main points.

It's a convenient and stylish bag that gives you the impression that you always want to use it.

● Faux leather shoulder bag (¥ 3080)

Here is the last one! Shoulder pouch for smartphone

● Smartphone pouch / shoulder type (¥ 1320)

You can insert your smartphone, put your IC card in the back,

Versatile item with zipper pocket.

It is also recommended for those who shop cashless and put things you want to take out immediately!

All of them are highly recommended by our staff, so be sure to check them out*