Fake leather accessories one after another & gift card handling start

We have a lot of fake leather accessories in our online shop!

The deep color and moderately glossy texture are elegant.

Headband and scrunchie with strong presence

Both are not too cute and will tighten your coordination.

You don't have to do difficult hair arrangements, and you can wear it quickly, and scrunchies and hair ties are useful at home and in the office!

The ear accessories also have a chic and mature design that makes use of the texture of faux leather.

Would you like to have a casual daily use with a size that is easy to wear?


Gift cards that are perfect for small thank-yous and presents are now on sale!

What is a LUNA EARTH ONLINE gift card?

You can use it by entering a 16-digit gift code at the time of payment.

An email with a URL containing a gift code will be sent to the purchaser, so

Just forward that email (or URL) to the person you want to give as a gift!

Even if you don't use up the amount of the gift card in one order, you can use it again as a balance.

The recipient of the gift can choose the product by themselves, and it's also recommended for people who can't meet easily.

There are 4 types of prices (500 yen / 1000 yen / 1500 yen / 3000 yen)

Please see the product page for details!

*Cannot be used at stores.