glitter beads accessories

Bead accessories that sparkle in elegant colors are now on sale at the online shop!

We will introduce a new product with a cute retro impression*

First of all, earrings with small bead flowers are cute.

The size is perfect for one point, and it creates cuteness without being too conspicuous.

●Mini beads flower earrings

There is also a piercing type, so you can wear it with your friends if you like!

● Mini Beads Flower Titanium Earrings

This is a gorgeous pierced earring with a large bead flower.

It is a very stylish design that combines delicate parts.

We recommend these when you go out.

● Bead flower titanium earrings with bijou

If you like the swaying type, these earrings are for you.

These elegant earrings combine beads, hoops and pearls.

● Swinging beads & pearl asymmetric earrings


Rings are also available♡

As it is a set with a simple metal ring, you can enjoy fashionable combinations freely.

●Beads Flower & Metal Ring/Set of 3

A set hairpin is also recommended.

If you think something is missing in your hair arrangement, please add this!

●Rhine seed beads hair pin set

Beads accessories are also available at our online shop!

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