Elegant bounce of pearls and bijou

A lot of large and elegant vanes are in stock at the online shop!
We will introduce new products with carefully designed designs.

First of all, pearl and bijou mix bangs and triangle metal bangs.
Both are moderately sized and recommended for daily use.
Once you put your hair together with rubber etc. and pinch it, you can easily upgrade your hair arrangement!

This is a screw screw Pearl Vance clip with an impressive twisted design.
It's big enough to catch your hair!
Perfect for when you want a gorgeous bounce.

LHA10-2110-0751 Threaded Pearl Vance Clip

This bijoux clip is dressy with glitter.
The bijou line is beautiful, and for adult arrangements such as chignon hair ♡
There is also a pearl version.

For those who want to use it more simply, here is an elegant small pearl line on the curve.
I play an active part in an invitation and the occasion scene!

LHA10-2110-0754 Pearl Line Vance Clip

In addition to Vance, cute hair clips are in stock♡

LSH13-2010-0738 Series of flower pearl clips

● LSH13-2110-0266 Mini Flower Pearl Clip Set


●LSH14-2011-0090 Baroque pearl set pin

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