elegant pearl accessories

Gorgeous pearl accessories are also available at LUNA EARTH for 330 yen.

Great for entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, parties, weddings, etc.

It's perfect for those who don't use it very often and want to find it at an affordable price!

KXXX-190028 Pearl Necklace

KXXX-190033 Pearl Choker Necklace

Large pearls are simple yet elegant.

The necklace is not only a point for cut and sewn knits, but also recommended for small occasions, formal occasions, and invitations.

Baroque pearl earrings with a little personality

There are also items that enhance femininity, such as barrette with pearls tightly lined up.

LER14-2103-0279 Baroque Pearl Circle Earrings

KDDD-190034 Pearl barrette

KDDD-190024 Pearl barrette / arch type

If you want to wear pearl accessories casually, how about combining them with metal?

A pearl and bead necklace is a more lovely design.

LNE14-2111-0079 Pearl & Beads Mantel Necklace

We also carry a wide variety of pearl accessories!

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