Started handling DATE glasses!

The online shop has started handling date glasses that will be one point of fashion! It is usable with unisex♪
There is also a nice UV cut effect!

The large design with sharp edges makes your face look smaller!
It gives a cute impression with just the right amount of looseness.

LOG30-2104-0024 Date Glasses / Boston

When you want to wear it cool, go here. Sharpen your coordination.
Black is also recommended for mode coordination ◎

LOG30-2110-0031 Date Glasses / Square


Round frames and borderless types give a gentle impression and a retro feel ✦

LOG30-2110-0038 Date Glasses / Boston / Metal

LOG30-2110-0029 Date Glasses / Round / Frameless

Date glasses are also recommended for when you want to change your mood, so please take a look.