Casual cubic zirconia accessories

Accessories using cubic zirconia are on sale one after another at LUNA EARTH ONLINE!

This time we will deliver a new product that has just been released!

Cubic zirconia rings with a variety of sparkling designs will make your hands look more elegant and beautiful.

LRG10-2111-0187 Bijou & Petite Pearl Ring

LRG10-2111-0176 Slim Design Ring

LRG10-2111-0181 random bijou ring

LRG10-2111-0184 Double Bijou Ring

(Right middle finger) LRG10-2112-0177 Marquise bijou ring

(Right little finger) LRG10-2111-0183 Random Bijou Pinky Ring

(Left ring finger) LRG10-2112-0165 Layered design ring

(Left index finger) LRG10-2111-0186 Watermark design ring

The flower motif is also small and cute,

For a casual girly impression.

(Left) LRG10-2112-0162 Zirconia Flower Ring

(Top) LRG10-2202-0172 Watermark Flower Ring

(Right) LRG10-2112-0178 Metal Flower Ring

Simple cubic zirconia earrings are recommended for matching with rings.

LPC11-2012-0573 Star titanium earrings

We also carry many other items that use cubic zirconia*