Various colors! acrylic accessories

This time, we will introduce cute hair accessories with various colors and shapes!

First of all, from a petite size van clip.

・LHA10-2110-0879 Set of 12 minivan clip / with pouch

A simple mini-vance in a pouch can be used not only for arranging hair, but also for carrying around when you want to tie your hair a little!

・LSH10-2201-0312 Slim Mini Acrylic Vance Set

It's cute even if you wear a lot of mini vanes with a characteristic marble pattern ♡

Because it is small, you can wear it as an accent regardless of the length of your hair.

・LHA10-2201-0894 Marble Acrylic Vance Clip

・LHA10-2201-0895 Butterfly Acrylic Vance Clip

・LSH10-2201-0322 Pastel Mini Acrylic Vance Set

・LSH10-2201-0321 Flower Acrylic Vance Clip Set

Light colored buns have popular butterflies and flower motifs, as well as items that are perfect for loosely tied hair.

Let's combine and enjoy your favorite arrangement ♪

・LHA15-2201-0853 Acrylic Square Vance Clip

・LHA14-2111-0966 Slim acrylic hair clip

・LHA14-2111-0967 Arabesque acrylic hair clip

・LSH14-2111-0294 Antique Flower Hair Clip Set

・LSH14-2111-0293 Acrylic mini pony hook set

If you want to wear it like an adult, you can wear an elegant square vance or

Easy and stylish with a soft colored hair clip.

Acrylic items are also available for rings!

from left

・LRG10-2110-0159 Sparkling acrylic ring

・LRG10-2110-0158 Crystal acrylic ring

・LRG10-2110-0160 Square acrylic ring

A sparkling ring with a large presence.

It's cute enough to make you feel better just by wearing it!

Cute acrylic accessories that make you want to collect them all,

Please check the items you care about as soon as possible.