Fruit motif accessories

Cute fruit motif accessories have arrived at the online shop!
It's fun to arrange them with the same fruit or collect your favorite fruits *

Start with ear accessories.
There are both earrings and pierced earrings, so matching with friends is cute ♪

The lineup includes strawberries, grapes, cherries, and lemons.

LPC14-2202-0592 Strawberry earrings
LER14-2202-0464 Strawberry Earrings

LPC14-2202-0589 grape earrings
LER14-2202-0461 grape earrings

LPC14-2202-0591 Cherry earrings
LER14-2202-0463 Cherry Earrings

LPC14-2202-0590 Lemon earrings
LER14-2202-0462 Lemon Earrings

Matching necklace! It's small, so it's not too conspicuous, and the casual bijou is a focal point for fashion.

・LNE14-2202-0104GLD Fruit Charm Necklace/Cherry
・LNE14-2202-0105GLD Fruit Charm Necklace/Lemon
・LNE14-2202-0103GLD Fruit Charm Necklace/Strawberry
・LNE14-2202-0102GLD Fruit Charm Necklace/Grape

Petite-sized fruit earrings made of bijou are also cute!
Comes as a set with basic pearl or metal earrings, so please wear it as you like.

The bijou fruit also has a ring, and it's even more colorful when lined up ♡

・LPC11-2203-0576YEL Fruit & Petite Metal Titanium Earrings/Pineapple
・LPC11-2203-0577RED Fruit & Petite Metal Titanium Earrings/Apple
・LPC11-2203-0575PPL Fruit & Petite Pearl Titanium Earrings/Grape
・LPC11-2203-0574RED Fruit & Petit Pearl Titanium Earrings/Cherry

・LRG11-2203-0192RED Fruit Ring/Apple
・LRG11-2203-0190PPL Fruit Ring/Grape
・LRG11-2203-0189RED Fruit Ring/Cherry
・LRG11-2203-0191YEL Fruit Ring/Pineapple