It looks great on social media! Introducing stylish accessory stands and plates!

It is an introduction of accessory stands and trays that look stylish and look great ♪

This marble tray has a square type and a circle type,
They are available in two colors, gray and black.

NO-01270 Marble accessory plate / round ¥550 (tax included)

NO-01271 Marble Accessory Plate / Square ¥550 (tax included)

A sense of luxury comes out at once, and it gives a stylish impression as an interior..♡

And there are 3 types of these earring stands♪
It is very convenient when you want to store swinging earrings!

CA-0208 Earring stand / wave c ¥550 (tax included)

CA-0203 Earring stand / wave a ¥550 (tax included)

CA-0204 Earring stand / wave b ¥550 (tax included)

A favorite accessory that you want to cherish even when you're not wearing it. .
It is a convenient item as a storage place ♪

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