Now popular earring converter! We have a wide variety of items in stock ♪

Do you know earring converter?

When my favorite design accessory was earrings,
If you don't have a pierced hole, you may have experienced the regret of not being able to wear it.

Recently trending earring converters are
Simply insert your earrings into the hole of the earring converter,
It is an item that can be used as earrings!

There are various types of earring converters,
LUNA EARTH online offers a wide variety of cute designs!

from left
LER14-2203-0526Earring converter / plump square GLD SLV 330 (tax included)

LER14-2203-0527 Earring Converter / Nuance Hoop GLD SLV 330 (tax included)

from left
LER14-2203-0530 Earring Converter / Drop GLD SLV 330 (tax included)

LER14-2203-0531 Earring Converter / Round Texture GLD SLV 330 (tax included)

from left
LER14-2203-0532 Earring Converter / Round Openwork GLD SLV 330 (tax included)

LER14-2203-0549 Earring Converter / Twist Square GLD SLV 330 (tax included)

It is one of the pleasures to choose while considering the balance and coordination depending on the pierced earrings to be attached ♪

Even when worn with a converter, it blends in naturally.

Easy, convenient and cute item!

Please check the items you care about as soon as possible!