A very special motif for women ♪ Adult cute ribbon accessories

Adult cute ribbon motif hair accessories have arrived at the online shop!
Even the styles that seem difficult at first glance are easy to use and recommended for beginners.

First, here is a pony hook with an organza ribbon decorated with random pearls and beads. It is an item that can create a "feeling of maturity" at once just by stabbing it into your hair and wrapping the ribbon around it.

(F-51) Pony hook with organdy ribbon 550 (tax included)

This is a cord type pony hook with ribbon.
This is recommended if a thick ribbon gives too much volume!
Coordination with hair clips and headbands can be arranged without being too messy ◎

(F-50) Pony hook with pearl & beads string 550 (tax included)

And here is a pearl wire pony covered with organdy material.
You can make trendy hair just by wrapping it around your hair!
(W-52) Organdy pearl pony hook 550 (tax included)

Arrangement videos are also available on LUNA EARTH's Instagram!
Please take a look if you don't mind♪

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This time, we introduced a new hair accessory using a ribbon motif.
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