Unisex accessories that make your personality come true

This time, we will introduce metal accessories that can be used for unisex!

From rings to necklaces, accessories that can be worn by both men and women are trending right now.

Once in a while, why don't you change the atmosphere and try a mode item?

(Left) (N-78) Big ball chain necklace ¥550 (tax included)

(Right) (N-72) Big chain necklace ¥990 (tax included)

Chains have a hard image, but surprisingly there are many standard designs that can be used, so it is easy to style with everyday clothes.

From now on, if you match it with a simple T-shirt, the metal will shine and you will be on trend at once ♪

(N-73) Coin charm necklace ¥550 (tax included)

This coin necklace has a much softer impression than the item we introduced earlier.

It is an easy-to-use item that matches a wide range of outfits.
The point is that you can casually use it not only for everyday use but also for office style ♪

I'm worried that it will stand out if it's a necklace...
For those people, we recommend using these ear cuffs and rings as points.

(E-299) Kraft plate ear cuff ¥550 (tax included)

(R-138) Cross metal ring ¥550 (tax included)

It's easy to incorporate without claiming too much!

Even with the same item, the impression changes considerably just by changing the color.

I think it's easier to use if you want to try silver if you want a harder impression, and gold if you have resistance.

What did you think?
We recommend that you use all of the items introduced this time together as a couple♪

At LUNA EARTH, please try to find items that express your personality, not your masculinity or femininity!