A must-have item for summer! It is introduction of anklet & bracelet♪

It's getting hotter, and the opportunities to show your skin little by little have increased.
Add accents to your arms and feet for a stylish look that is unique to summer.

Start with the anklet.

LOT14-2204-0230 beads design anklet
Beaded anklets are especially summery.
It is a gorgeous and eye-catching item.

lot14-2205-0241 mix chain anklet
A cute anklet with a natural stone motif.
The impression changes depending on the color, so it's one of the fun to think about coordinating with sandals.

lot14-2204-0246 Elegant charm anklet
This is the simplest metal type.
It's a delicate design, so it's recommended for casual fashion!

Next is the introduction of the bracelet.

lbl14-2204-0045 Seed Bead & Pearl Bracelet
It is a bracelet that combines very colorful beads and pearls.
We have a variety of colors, from pop to adult-like impressions ♪

lbl14-2205-0051Natural stone & pearl design bracelet
A bracelet with attractive natural stones of a moderate size ♪
The nuanced colors of natural stones are easy to match with other items, and we recommend layering them!

lbl14-2204-0065 Gold Frame Shell Encapsulated Bracelet
One point is a bracelet with a cool impression.
It is an aurora color that changes its brightness depending on how the light hits it.

What did you think?
All of them are recommended as accents for summer coordination!
Please check out!