A cute storage tray that can be used as a place for important accessories has arrived!

Introducing an accessory tray that comes in handy when you accidentally lose a small item or get tangled up in accessories.
Not only is it convenient, but the cute colors are also a point, so please check it out ♪

There are 3 types of trays in total.

This is recommended for storing small pierced earrings, earrings, etc., mainly for rings.

Accessory tray / S2

This is divided into two parts and can be stored from small items to large items.

Accessory tray / M2

The flat type without partitions is recommended for storing large necklaces and glasses.

Accessory tray / L

All are available in three colors: pink, gray, and beige.
The interior is also brushed, so there is no friction and you can store important accessories without damaging them.
It is highly recommended because it does not become bulky even if you put it on top of each other!

Please choose the one that is easy to use according to your accessories.