Accessories that are active in summer outfits that tend to be simple have arrived.

Colorful clear bangle, jute headband,
Indispensable for summer, cute earrings with that favorite food as a motif...
A lot of recommended accessories shining in summer are received♪

Accessories made from natural materials add a summery touch to your outfit. The point is that the color and expression change subtly one by one.
(Upper right) Rattan headband
(bottom left) natural wood curve hair rubber
(Lower right) Wood grain metal vance

There are two types of catchy motifs that make you want to pick them up: ice cream and watermelon.
Luxuriously decorated with zirconia, the small motif makes it a perfect focal point and makes your ears look gorgeous.
(Top) Ice Cream Titanium Earrings
(Bottom) Watermelon Titanium Earrings

Although it has volume, the clear color gives it a cool impression.
Even if you wear it to a leisure spot, the point is that it is easy to handle because it is made of acrylic material, so it is resistant to sweat and dirt ♪

(top) wide clear bangle
(Right) Clear acrylic chain titanium earrings
(Left to bottom) Marble slim set bangle / marble acrylic bangle

The designs with a little impact are all items that you will want to wear just because it is summer.
Please check it out♪