Valletta special feature that is indispensable for summer hair arrangement

Before I knew it, the rainy season had ended, and suddenly the sun was shining.
For women, there may be some people who are troubled by summer hairstyles every year.

A barrette that is comfortable even on hot days and can easily create a stylish hairstyle.
We have a lot of items with cute designs, so we will introduce them!

A trendy slim barrette with a clear color that sparkles like the surface of water and gives a cool impression.
Wear it on braids, low ponies, or downed hair for a loose and trendy look.
nuance clear barrette

A barrette with a nuanced marble color and a slightly rounded triangle that accents your hair arrangement.
Even just one item can be a focal point, and even if you wear several items together, you will have a gorgeous impression.
triangle marble barrette

A cute small barrette with gentle nuanced colors and loose waves.
You can create a trendy hair with a sense of looseness just by fixing a low pony or down hair.
wave barrette

Trendy slim design metal barrette.
The crossed design gives it a mature and elegant impression and enhances your femininity.
twisted line metal barrette

Stylish slim design barrette with a retro impression.
The nodding color and color scheme create a mature feeling.
Bicolor acrylic barrette

A single barrette that can be arranged in a wide range of ways, no matter how many you have, you will want it.
Whether it's an up style or a down style, let's take in the trend and enjoy fashion this summer ♡