Stainless steel accessories that you want to wear every day have arrived.

Many stainless steel accessories have arrived at LUNA EARTH online.

[What is a stainless steel accessor? ]
The material is rust-resistant and stain-resistant.
It is resistant to sweat and water, so it is difficult for metals that are the cause of metal allergies to melt out and cause allergies.
*There are individual differences in allergies. It's not 100% impossible for everyone. In the unlikely event that it does not fit your skin, please stop using it immediately.

This time, we have a wide variety of simple and easy-to-use ear accessories! Please check it out!

One-touch earrings that are easy to put on.
The thin lines leave a feminine touch, and the basic design can be worn with any outfit.
simple mini hoop earrings / stainless steel

There are two types of pierced earrings and earrings.
The small size and thick hoop feature a moderate volume.
Retractable cutting hoop earrings / stainless steel
Retractable cutting hoop earrings / stainless steel

A zirconia that shines like a diamond, for invitations or for special occasions.
zirconia set earrings / stainless steel

The 2 size set earrings look well-balanced even when worn together.
The design is not overstated, so it can be used for multiple purposes.
2 size simple set earrings / stainless steel

Cute hoop earrings with a chunky form. Although they are small, they have a strong presence, and the exquisite thickness creates a mature feeling.
Retractable Simple Hoop Earrings / Stainless Steel

Available in sizes from 8mm to 45mm, these hoop earrings can be used in a variety of situations by simply changing the size of the hoop earrings.
simple hoop earrings

What did you think?
Not only is it allergy-friendly, but it is also durable and rust-resistant!
Items that are easy to handle can be used for a long time with a basic design.

Don't miss this opportunity to find accessories that are like companions that you pick up every day!