A special feature on accessories that will make you feel cool and match your yukata

Summer is the season for yukata.

Recently, there have been few opportunities to wear yukata and go out to events, but it seems that festivals and fireworks displays are increasing little by little this year!

So, this time, we would like to introduce the accessories that you want to match with "Yukata".
It's very important to use small items that make your yukata look beautiful, as they affect your impression.
Please refer to the accessories introduced this time and enjoy the outfits unique to this season!

An organza ribbon barrette with an outstanding presence that creates a gorgeous back style.
Even if there is volume, the sheer material does not look heavy.
big chiffon ribbon barrette

The standard pearl motif for parties and other occasions goes well with a yukata.
(Left) Big Pearl Ring
(Right) Pearl x Metal Line Ear Cuff

A large pearl is the point of hair arrangement.
Not only can it be used alone, but it is also recommended to be layered or arranged with other hair items.
1 grain pearl metal comb set

Layering the ring and bangle will give a more elegant impression if you choose a delicate one.
A stylish focal point that can be seen from the sleeves.
(Left) Folk Design Bangle
(Right) Epo Design Set Ring

You can usually use this item as a pony hook, but you can also use it by attaching it to your obi, which is unique to yukata♪
Ribbon pony hook with pearl

If you want to give a slightly mature impression, we recommend simple metal and neat hair accessories.
(Left) Tsuchime Square Metal Clip
(Right) Embossed leather style slim headband

What did you think?
When it comes to kimono, the hurdles are a bit high, but yukata can be enjoyed casually in the summer.
Coordination of accessories is also free ♪

To enjoy summer and yukata even more! Try to find items that express your personality!