Even with short hair, you can do whatever you want♪ Arrangements using hair clips

Hair clips are now available that even those with short hair can enjoy arranging.

The repertoire of hair arrangements is small, and the range of arrangements is less than that of long hair. . There may be some people who are worried about this.

This time we will be introducing a hair clip that can be easily and cutely arranged even for short or bob hair.
Please use it as a reference.

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This is an acrylic vance clip set.
It's small and easy to arrange, and black is a great choice for people with light hair.
Brown has a tortoiseshell-like atmosphere that gives it a stylish impression♪

flower mini clip set

round mini clip set

square mini clip set

This small and cute pearl bun set is perfect for creating a gorgeous hairstyle.
Each pearl is small, so it can be used as an accent.

Pearl circle mini clip set

Pearl flower mini clip set

Pearl ribbon mini clip set

(Left) Pearl ribbon mini clip set 2
(Medium) Pearl square mini clip set
(Right) Pearl triangle mini clip set

This time we introduced hair clips that are easy to use for short hair and bob hair.
Of course, even if you have long hair, you can enjoy cute arrangements♪

It's a simple and easy-to-handle item, so please give it a try!

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