New smartphone straps and shoulder bags have arrived so that you can go out light and empty-handed♪

Items such as smartphone straps, smartphone pouches, drawstring bags, etc. have arrived to reduce your luggage and go out lightly! All of them are easy to use.
Please check out the items that are easy to use for yourself!

With a cable outlet hole, you can use any smartphone case as a shoulder type just by inserting it. Not only is it convenient, but the cute pop of color makes it a focal point for coordination.

smartphone strap shoulder 4 / with holder / stripe

Smartphone strap shoulder 3 / with holder

A stylish and cute smartphone pouch is sure to be useful for shopping! The neat silhouette without being bulky can be used as a wallet, making it a convenient item.

Smartphone pouch / shoulder type

The drawstring shoulder bag is not too big and has a cute round shape!
Despite its appearance, it has a storage capacity, and it is a nice point that you can put small items in the inside and side pockets ♪

drawstring shoulder bag

We introduced cute and useful items!
Each item is a must-have item.
Why not take this opportunity to check it out?