Easy and cute! "Deft van" with an autumnal atmosphere has arrived ♪

Do you know the hair accessory "Deft Bang" that became a hot topic on social media this year?
It looks like a complicated hair arrangement, but it's very easy to create a bun, and it's perfect for busy mornings.

The deft van that arrived at LUNA EARTH this time is an item with an autumn-like texture that you'll want to use in the coming season.
The hot days are still continuing, but why not anticipate autumn with the new Deft Van?

It is a herringbone pattern deft van that is easy to pick up even this time of year and has an autumn feel.
A slightly mature atmosphere gives a natural and stylish impression.

Herringbone pattern deft van

The velor material Deft van is a very cute and recommended point ♪
Pink and blue can be worn without giving a heavy impression, and black gives a luxurious impression that can be worn at parties.

Velor style differential van

A simple and cute deft van, one of which is a must-have item.
Please check it out at LUNA EARTH♪

Arrangement videos are also being distributed on Instagram ♪