Nickel-free accessories have arrived.

Highly designed and fashionable nickel-free accessories have arrived.

Nickel-free accessories are skin-friendly accessories that contain almost no nickel, which is considered to be the main cause of metal allergies.
This item is recommended for those who are prone to metal allergies.

*There are individual differences in allergies. It's not 100% impossible for everyone. In the unlikely event that it does not fit your skin, please stop using it immediately.

At LUNA EARTH, we have a lot of items that are not only suitable for metal allergies, but also have good design♪
We would like to introduce you to our wide range of designs!

A mature and cute design with delicate petite pearls.
There are pierced earrings, earrings, and rings, so you can casually coordinate with them.

Petite Pearl Clip Earrings/Nickel Free

Petit Pearl Earrings /Nickel Free

Petit Pearl Ring / Nickel Free

An accessory with zirconia that gives a mature impression.
One point creates elegance.

1 zirconia necklace / nickel free

Zirconia Standing Claw Ring / Nickel Free

This is an ear cuff that uses a chain.
It's simple and can be layered with other items, but it's also a good accent even if you use it alone.

ball chain ear cuff / nickel free

American earrings that sway gently.
The long silhouette gives a mature and cute impression.

metal bar american earrings / nickel free

It is a fork ring of the form which totally melts into a finger.
Layering is also recommended.

metal fork ring / nickel free

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We also have plenty of recommended accessories for metal allergies!
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