A lot of new glitter hair combs have arrived!

Why not try arranging your hair using a hair comb?
You can create a stylish and trendy look just by adding one item to your usual hair arrangement.

We will introduce recommended hair combs that are sure to be useful not only for everyday use but also for party scenes!

Here are two types, large and small.
Although the bijou is gorgeous, it has a clean appearance and is extremely easy to use. There are more than 10 combs, so you can firmly stick it in your hair and prevent it from falling apart.

(Left) Bijou Metal Comb

(Right) Mini bijou metal comb

Here is the type with a stepped hair comb.
You can make a gorgeous impression by itself, but we also recommend layering it with a simple comb or hairpin.

design bijou metal comb

A type of hair comb with pearls.
Not only can it be used for any occasion, but it can also be used as an item that adds a touch of glamor to a simple outfit.

Pearl & Bijou Metal Comb

A hair comb that can be layered with different types of hair accessories, or used alone to add glamor.
It is an attractive item that you can easily enjoy different hairstyles!
Please take this opportunity to choose one with your favorite design♪