A hair turban with an outstanding presence that you want to use in autumn and winter has arrived!

Before I knew it, I was starting to feel chilly, and it was almost autumn.
Even if the clothes are still thin, we recommend hair accessories for those who want to incorporate autumn clothes♪
This time it is an introduction of the new hair turban that has just arrived!

Autumn is all about plaid♡
Although it is a focal point for coordination, it can be worn without giving a childish impression because it has a dark tone overall.
It is one point that I would like you to incorporate together when your clothes are simple.

tartan check turban

A velor-style turban with a beautiful sheen that combines elegance.
The nuanced colors with atmosphere are easy to match with other items, and it will be fun to think about coordinating with accessories around your face.

Velor volume turban

Velor style knit ribbon turban

We have 3 types of knit turbans that are wide and have a cute texture.
All of them have just the right amount of volume, and just by wearing them, you will feel more mature!
Each one has a different design and net pattern, and the atmosphere is different, so please try to find the one you like ♪

wide knit ribbon turban

lame knit twist turban

knit ribbon turban

What did you think.
We have many hair items with designs that can be used from this season to winter!

A turban that can be easily and cutely arranged even in busy mornings when you can't quite decide how to arrange your hair.
Please check out.