A lot of colorful autumn color accessories have arrived♡

The deep and calm autumn colors are easy to incorporate into fashion and are full of seasonality.

Although the color is subdued, it is not a plain color and is easy to challenge for those who do not usually wear colored items.

This time, we will introduce recommended accessories for autumn colors.
Please check out the items that you can enjoy this time of year.

Speaking of autumn, "plaid pattern"!
This scrunchie with its trendy block check is very cute and can be used as an accent for up-style or at home♪
It is recommended not only for arranging hair, but also for wearing on your wrist.

block check scrunchie

Banana clips with transparent nuance colors are available in 4 colors without discarded colors!
The loosely curved silhouette and plump texture give it a fashionable and cute impression.

wave line acrylic banana clip

This is an introduction to cute square-shaped rings and earrings.
Both items have volume and cute form ♪
We also recommend styling with knit clothes when it gets chilly!

round square epoxy titanium earrings

Square epo design set ring

Autumn colored earrings made with a combination of natural stones.
The unique shades of natural stones are the coloring that matches the current season.
Although multiple stones are used, they all have a calm impression because they are autumn-like colors.

Natural stone fringe titanium earrings

One-point earrings with a gold color scheme that gives a mature impression.
It has a color and design that will not stand out even if you wear it for a small party scene.
It is cute even when combined with a hair turban or the scrunchie introduced earlier, so it is recommended ♡

Eponot Motif Titanium Earrings

A wire pony set made of satin fabric with a cute sheen.
Of course it's cute when you wear all three together, but each one has beautiful colors, so you can use them individually.

Satin mini wire pony set

What did you think.
Autumn-like nodding colors create a mature and elegant atmosphere.

Autumn colors that can be enjoyed only this time of year, please try to incorporate them!