A lot of accessories with attractive sparkles have arrived!

Accessories with sparkling designs with pearls and zirconia have arrived! This time, we will mainly introduce items that can be used for both daily use and party scenes.
Not only for yourself, but there are also items that would be appreciated as gifts, so please check them out♪

A headband with plenty of rhinestones and pearls has arrived.
The thin metal frame gives it a delicate and feminine impression.
It is the perfect item for parties and invitations ♪
The back style worn on the back of the head also completes a trendy hair arrangement.

point rhinestone flower headband

Double rhinestone headband

Pearl & rhinestone double headband

How about a more voluminous barrette than usual?
Not only is it practical to hold your hair together, but the luster of pearls and the calm gold color give it a mature impression. And the shape is cute! The heart and butterfly pearl barrette is full of elements that will make you cringe wherever you go, first come first served♪

Triple pearl heart band clip

pearl butterfly vance clip

Cubic zirconia that shines with presence.
The feature is that you can easily enjoy the sparkle like a real diamond.
Although it is gorgeous, it has a transparent glow that blends easily with the skin, creating a mature woman that is one rank higher.

I-line Titanium Earrings / Zirconia & Pearl

V line single pearl titanium earrings / cubic zirconia

Wave Hoop & Zirconia Bijoux Titanium Earrings

In the coming season, when knitwear and outerwear are essential, we tend to wear clothes with a calm impression.
If you have one of the items introduced this time, it will become an accent for your usual coordination♪
Wear accessories that sparkle and create a glamorous autumn!