Many new designs have arrived in the popular item "Deft Van"!

Deft van was quite popular when it arrived last time.
This time, the materials and patterns are more autumn-like, and there are plenty of items with a sense of the season.

A versatile deft van that can be used not only for those with long hair, but also for medium hair and bob hair.

[Plain type that is basic and versatile]
The plain type is recommended for those who want to enjoy various arrangements without choosing clothes, but depending on the item, the impression will change dramatically!
Plain color makes it easy to layer with other accessories, and expands the range of hair arrangements.

basic color deft van

Soft twill differential van

[Recommended patterned accents for coordination]
For those who already have a simple design of a deft van, we recommend a patterned one that can be used as a point.
All of them have calm colors that are typical of autumn and winter, but they are all cute designs that are also gorgeous. Thinking about the balance with clothes for the coming season will be one of the pleasures ♪

Tweed Deft Van

Plaid Deft Van

Lame Stripe Deft Van

[For those who want to incorporate autumn with texture]
Soft leather with a moderate luster and a mature impression,
Suede is the perfect material for the coming season, with its warm texture.
Both have a stylish impression with nuanced colors with atmosphere ♪

eco leather differential van

Suede Deft Van

Deft van is a versatile item that you want to have because you can easily and easily collect your hair.
LUNA EARTH has various types of deft vans, so if you don't have one yet, or if you already have one, please check them out!