Hair accessories special feature that you want to wear in autumn and winter

A lot of hair accessories like autumn and winter are available♪
We have trendy items that you want to incorporate not only in colors but also in materials and patterns.
Even in this season between autumn and winter that will soon end before you know it,
Let's enjoy the hair arrangement unique to this season!

The set clip, which comes in a wide variety of colors, is characterized by dark tone colors that are typical of autumn.
The impression changes considerably depending on the color and pattern, so you can enjoy arranging your hair by combining them.
It is an item that becomes a point for summary hair and side!

acrylic color set clip

This pony hook, which features a large oval shape, has a marbled color that gives it a mature impression. The calm atmosphere is designed for everyday use.

oval acrylic pony hook

We have two types of thick headbands, one with a tweed type and one with a plaid pattern. Although it is a material unique to autumn and winter, the soft colors make it easy to match with any style.

Soft lame tweed headband

Fluffy plaid headband

This hair clip has a subdued smoky color.
The unique color scheme has just the right amount of presence, making it a hair clip that is easy to match with everyday use.
Recommended for half-up and bundled hair ♪

geometric epoxy triangle clip

What did you think.

As the seasons change, it is also recommended to change the impression from the hair arrangement according to the autumn / winter outfit ♪
There are many items that you can enjoy layering, so if you have it, the range of fashion will expand!
Please check out the hair items that you can enjoy this time of year.