A lot of design pearl accessories have arrived!

Pearl accessories that have been introduced several times on LUNA EARTH.

From the characteristics such as the refined luster and the gentle hue,
It is a must-have accessory for formal occasions such as invitations.

Of course, you can use it for various scenes even for everyday use!
In the coming season, this item is easy to use and goes well with winter clothes.

This time, we would like to introduce a highly designed pearl item that matches everyday use♪
Come along on days when you want to dress up and go out!

Metal wave line banana clip.
A type that uses a single big pearl, and a type that uses plenty of small pearls,
Available in two contrasting designs.
The gorgeousness of the pearl is kept as it is, and it is a design that can be used for casual wear.

1 big pearl wave banana clip / barrette

pave pearl wave banana clip / barrette

A hair accessory with pearls.
Come on a day when you want to make a gorgeous and luxurious impression.

pave pearl hair rubber

slim pave pearl pony hook

Earrings with a cute motif of ribbons and hearts.
Cubic zirconia is used not only for the pearl but also for the bijou, giving it a more luxurious impression.

petit pearl double heart titanium earrings / cubic zirconia

Petite Pearl Ribbon Hoop Titanium Earrings / Cubic Zirconia

These earrings can be used in 2 ways, and the pearl part has a catch, so you can use it in 2 ways by replacing it with a simple catch you have.
Pastel-colored flowers and pearls are a perfect match!

Wire flower & shimmering pearl titanium earrings

What did you think.
The simple standard pearls are of course wonderful, but if you have one highly designed pearl accessory, you can expand your styling options.

Please take this opportunity to check it out!