Easy-to-use metal hair accessories special feature

A metal accessory that comes in handy no matter how many times you have it.
The mineral texture makes it easy to match with various fashions, and it is also a unisex item.
Many of them have simple designs, so they give off a rustic impression.

This time, we would like to introduce hair accessories that use such metal materials♪

We have two types of eye-catching hair ties with voluminous motifs.
Although it is simple, both have different finishes that look different from the surface, making each design stand out.

Metal design hair tie

matte metal plate hair rubber

A bun clip that easily completes a trendy hairstyle just by clipping it on a busy morning.
The nuanced lines give a mature impression.

nuance metal line vance clip

Versatile pony hooks are now available in a variety of designs!
Just insert it into your hair for a stylish impression. The lustrous metal material has a design that goes well with both clean and casual styles.
It is a recommended item that looks good around the face.

matte craft pony hook

simple metal line pony hook

metal flower lace pony hook

metal line design pony hook

What did you think.
Metal accessories that are easy to match with any style depending on the design, even though they are edgy materials.
As simple as it is, it goes well with other items, so if you have one, it will come in handy.

Please take this opportunity to check it out♪