colorful beads collection

A lot of colorful beads accessories that you want to wear in the coming season have arrived!
Even though it is colorful, the dull colors that are typical of autumn and winter create a calm atmosphere and give it a stylish impression.

The coming season will see an increase in heavy materials and dark colors.
Let's enjoy fashion in the coming season by accenting accessories to create a gorgeous look.

Both items are bead rings that you can enjoy stacking as a set.
It comes in a set of 3 pieces with different types of beads, so you can change the items you wear according to your clothes and mood of the day.

bead set ring

CCB metal set ring

Introducing earrings and earrings with unique bead designs.

Earrings with a swaying leaf motif that creates a mature atmosphere

bead design leaf earrings

This beaded piercing with a stylish one point is a set with pearl pierced earrings, so it is recommended to wear them together.

Bead Flower & Pearl Set Resin Earrings

I think that natural stone and glass have a strong image of spring and summer, but the dull color makes it easy to wear in autumn and winter.
The brilliance when the light is inserted gives it a finish that you wouldn't expect from a cheap plastic.

Natural stone x glass design earrings

What did you think.
It's colorful, but it's all about items that can be casually incorporated.
There are many designs that you can enjoy layering, so the range of coordination is greatly expanded!
Please take this opportunity to check it out♪