A lot of hair accessories made of velor material that represent "Autumn/Winter" have arrived!

Velor accessories with a beautiful luster and smooth texture are one of the staples of autumn and winter.
The deep texture gives an elegant impression.
It is sure to be useful in a variety of situations, from everyday use to formal occasions.

A lot of hair accessories using such velor fabric have arrived this time!
Please take this opportunity to check it out.

A hair elastic with a voluminous ribbon motif and a glossy feel.
The soft texture that makes you want to touch it all the time, and the fact that the color changes depending on how the light hits it is also attractive.
It is a recommended item that will be an accent with one.

velor ribbon scrunchie

This is a set of four wire ponies.
Not only can it be used alone, but if you use it in layers, it will become a gradation and create a gorgeous look.
The gold metal fittings tighten the overall impression, so it's nice to wrap it around your hair so that you can see it at a glance.

Velor mini wire pony set

It is an introduction of set scrunchies using velor fabric.
This is an item that you can enjoy layering with a set with a scrunchie with a different taste.
Not only is it cute, but it also has excellent functionality as a hair elastic.

Velor design set scrunchie

Velor & satin set scrunchie

This headband has a mature atmosphere.
While the orange and green are eye-catching, the velor fabric gives a calm impression.
The basic colors of gray and black are items that can be worn and reused.
A versatile headband that can be used in all colors, whether you have light or dark hair.

simple velor headband

What did you think?
Even if you say velor material in one word, the impression will change considerably depending on the item.
Please choose your favorite accessories that suit you!