"Nature Mood" accessories that make you feel plants and nature

The accessories introduced this time are accessories with designs that are reminiscent of folklore and tribal.

It has a moderately "rugged" feel like Indian jewelry, but it also has a "softness" that makes it easy for women to wear, giving it a unisex impression.

Why don't you change your impression by wearing items that are not only cute but also have a little spice?

It is an introduction of rings and earrings that are characterized by a unique atmosphere.
Despite its simple design, the vintage-like texture is sure to look great in autumn and winter clothes.
You can use it with clothes that have different tastes, whether casual or neat.

concho button pinky ring

Heart-shaped concho button ring

heart-shaped concho button earrings

This hairpin is a set item with a beaded type and a natural stone-like type.
It is an item that can be worn alone as well as worn together.

 ethnic design set pins

A pony hook that can easily make trendy hair even if it seems difficult at first glance.
The cord ribbon part can be wrapped around the hair to create a folklore-like atmosphere.
It is a recommended item that creates a gorgeous back style!

Suede look cord ribbon with craft metal pony hook

Pony hooks with exotic motifs are available in three colors.
Although it has an eye-catching design, it has a small motif, so it is recommended to wear it in layers.
You can also try coordinating with a wire pony etc.

ethnic metal pony hook

The products introduced this time are all designs that you can enjoy layering with your own accessories♪
Please check out the items you care about as soon as possible!