Convenient and cute! Smartphone ring strap and clear pouch arrived

At LUNA EARTH, we offer not only accessories, but also affordable and convenient fashion miscellaneous goods that fulfill your daily needs.
Not only is it easy to use, but it also has design, so there are items that make you feel good when you have it. We will introduce items that make your daily life a little more fulfilling.

This time we will introduce smartphone ring straps and clear pouches.
Please check it out♪

The popular smartphone strap comes in a ring type for the first time!
By passing the ring part through your arm, you can prevent your smartphone from falling.

This smartphone ring strap, which can be easily attached just by pinching,
The silicone material is soft and lightweight, so it is convenient to carry.

There are many color variations, so you can choose your favorite color,
You can also enjoy thinking about combinations with smartphones and cases.

Smartphone ring strap / with holder

There are two types of clear pouches with prints made of PVC material.
It is very convenient for carrying important accessories and storing items that tend to be lost, such as lip balm and medicine.
Comes with a carabiner so you can easily attach it to your bag and go out ♪

mini clear pouch / flower / with carabiner

mini clear pouch / alphabet / with carabiner