Cute fur accessories have arrived!

Accessories using eco fur that you want to touch unintentionally have arrived ♡
Items that use fur will make you want to wear them in this season.
The fur material has a strong image of cuteness, but depending on the color and item, it can also produce an elegant and mature look.
Introducing new fur items that you will want to wear at this time of year!

Introducing cute earrings with small pom-poms that sway around your ears.
The small motif is cute, but the subdued colors make it easy to match with clothes.
eco fur resin earrings

What a delightful 2-piece set of eco-fur scrunchies that are comfortable to the touch!
You can use it as a single item or as a set depending on your mood and preference ♪
It is recommended not only for arranging hair, but also for wearing on your wrist as a point of coordination.
Fluffy eco facet scrunchie

The square-shaped fur hair elastic has a large motif, so you can use it like a barrette.
Although it has a simple design, it has a strong presence and is sure to catch the eye!

square eco fur hair rubber

What did you think.
The must-have fur item for this season can give you a sense of the season just by wearing one.
Please take this opportunity to check it out♪