We have stocked accessories that are recommended for dressing up if you want to be fashionable.

There are only a few days left in 2022... It's December in the blink of an eye...!
Christmas and the year-end and New Year holidays, the coming season when events increase.
Isn't there a lot of people who make special plans such as girls-only gatherings and dates?

This time, we would like to introduce some recommended accessories for days when you want to stretch yourself out and dress up a little more than usual♡
Please take a look at it.

Introducing the satin ribbon series!
While the ribbon is a feminine motif, the satin material gives it a mature look.
The luster gives it an elegant impression, and it is a recommended hair accessory for invitations.

satin ribbon banana clip

Satin & Sheer Ribbon Vance

lame stripe volume ribbon scrunchie

Introducing pierced earrings and earrings with swaying flower motifs that make your ears gorgeous.
Not only for everyday use, but also for parties ◎
The hair arrangement is definitely an up style, and there are two points that I would like you to coordinate with your ears!

Swinging Tin Lantern Tan Earrings

Triple Flower Clip Earrings

This is a pony hook with luxurious pearls.
When you wear it, the volume will appear, so it will accentuate and catch your eye.
This is a highly recommended item for curly hair that tends to be simple!

pearl flower pony hook

We have two types of rounded shapes.
It has a gorgeous impression, but the design itself is very simple, so it's a great point that you can use it regardless of the occasion.
As the clip part holds it well, it is stable♪

circle metal vance clip

pearl circle vance clip

What did you think?
For the event, I tried to select glossy items and elegant items♪
Wear your favorite accessories and enjoy the last month of the year!