Gift season has arrived! Accessories perfect for gifts have arrived.

With Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's, it's been a busy season.
Compared to last year, this season has more opportunities to meet people and more events.

We have a selection of recommended items for those of you who want to show your appreciation or give a small gift.
Recommended not only as a gift, but also as a reward for yourself.
Please check out.

This is a leaf motif ear cuff with small pearls.
Although it has a delicate design, it is easy to wear and gives a gorgeous impression.
The design is attractive and can be used in a variety of situations, whether it's on, off, or at a party.
Recommended as a gift for those who do not have piercing holes.

leaf clip ear cuff

A combination bracelet with two strings of pearls and metal chains will make your hands look stylish.
Even when paired with a rough knit, the volume gives off a sense of presence, yet it is very light and stress-free.

Pearl x mix chain bracelet

Acrylic earrings with a colorful and pop atmosphere.
Acrylic accessories that have a strong image of summer are also designed to be easy to wear in the winter season with a unique color scheme.
A highly recommended item with an eye-catching silhouette.

wavy acrylic hoop earrings

It is an introduction of acrylic type hair buns and barrettes.
The nuanced gradation color vanity clip creates a mature atmosphere.
The bi-color barrette has a slim silhouette and is not overly overstated.
Both of them stay firmly and have a sense of stability, so they are very easy to use.

Gradient twist vance

Bicolor design barrette

Clear color earrings that feel moist have a moderate presence with a candy-like motif.
The point is that it is light and comfortable to wear and has just the right amount of looseness.

clear cut bead earrings

A new type has arrived in the popular gift bag.
The embroidered lace is cute, and it is an item that creates a gorgeous look at once.
It's just the right size for storing accessories and small cosmetics, so you can use it as an accessory case.

Embroidered flower x sequin drawstring gift bag / S

Embroidered flower x sequin drawstring gift bag / L