[Part 2] “Nature Mood” drifting accessories that make you feel plants and nature

Reminiscent of folklore and tribal, which was well received when it arrived last time,
The second set of "Nature Mood" accessories have arrived!

This time, the volume has increased further, and accessories using beads and fringes,
New type of popular concho button style accessories.
There are many items that are reminiscent of folklore in materials and shapes!

Introducing pierced earrings and earrings with an ethnic impression with tassels that sway around the ears.
Although it has an eye-catching design, it is an item that will be a focal point without being too flashy with autumn and winter colors.
There is no doubt that you can use it casually or feminine.

color tassel resin earrings

Harako×Tassel Earrings

suede tassel earrings

Introducing two types of rings with a strong presence.
The vintage-like texture is sure to look great in autumn and winter clothes.
Both can be used in a unisex atmosphere.

ethnic feather ring

ethnic metal cabochon ring

Necklaces and hairpins made with colorful beads are items that make you feel good just by wearing them.
The design is easy for adult women to wear without giving a pop impression.

Concho Button & Bead Set Pin

Ethnic-style MIX beads necklace / with heart charm

Introducing the concho button style pierced earrings and earrings.
Earrings are designed like coins, and earrings are designed like buttons.
Both have a matte texture, and the simple but voluminous design is eye-catching.

vintage style coin titanium earrings

concho button earrings

What did you think.
Even if you say "nature mood" in one word, there are various designs.
When you want to change the impression a little from usual, we have accessories that are "habituary" in a good way.
Why don't you look for your favorite items according to your clothes and hairstyle?